Submit documents from BNP

Submit documents for your BNP quotation

Is the cheapest offer a quote from BNP? BNP is still a relatively new player when it comes to lending in Massachusetts. Borrowing money is still fairly new for BNP. Do not let this deter you from taking out a personal loan with this new provider. It is not without reason that they call this the most personal loan at BNP. With this loan you can make extra repayments without penalty. After this payment you can choose to reduce your monthly installment or shorten your term. You therefore have a choice after partially repaying your loan.
We are happy to give you more clarity about what you need to provide to have your file processed.
In the email you received from us, you can read which documents we need from you. To make it clearer, we provide some additional explanation on this page about what must be received by us in order to be able to process your file as soon as possible.

Provide proof of identity for your BNP credit

BNP accepts the passport or identity card. Unfortunately, the driver's license is not accepted.
The details at a glance:

  • With the passport, it is sufficient to only copy the front of the 'hard card' in the passport
  • You must supply the front and back with the identity card

Provide a salary slip or income specification for your BNP Credit

In order to be able to provide you with a loan, it must of course be possible to determine what your income is. BNP does this by assessing your pay slip.
It is therefore important to provide a legible and complete payslip.

  • The payslip to be submitted may not be older than 2 months
  • Benefit specification not older than 1 year
  • If you retire during the term of the loan, BNP would also like to receive a pension overview , which you can find at . You can then download the summary.

Deliver bank statement

BNP only accepts a bank statement downloaded in PDF format. This requires that you have installed Adobe . Important areas to consider with the bank statement:

  • Your IBAN account number must be visible on the bank statement
  • Your name, address and place of residence must be visible
  • the crediting of your income must be visible
  • If you have housing costs, these must also be visible on the downloaded bank statement

Also note:

  • The bank statement is at least one full month consecutive
  • The bank statement may not be older than 2 months
  • You may not cross out any data on the bank statement. All data must therefore be legible.

Refinance loan (s)?

Transferring a loan can of course bring you many advantages. Do you already have loan (s) in progress and do you want to refinance them with your new loan from BNP? Then BNP would like to receive a copy of your current credit. You should pay attention to the following:

  • The statement may not be older than 2 months
  • Your name, the loan contract number and the outstanding balance must be visible
  • With a credit card, a clearly legible copy of the credit card must also be sent

Other situations

The above data is really the standard data required.

  • Are you divorced? If you have been divorced less than five years ago, we need a copy of your divorce agreement. Do you have any children? Please also submit the parenting plan for quick processing

As soon as there are changes in the acceptance process, or if we notice that documents are no longer being requested, or that additional documents are being requested, we will add this further here.