Documents for a loan

If you want to take out a loan, the bank needs documents from you to check whether the financing can be provided responsibly. When banks lend money, they want this to be done in a responsible manner. Borrowing money must remain responsible.
There are a number of standard documents that are required for every financing.
Documents for a loan that are always required are in any case:

A copy of a valid ID

In order to establish your identity, the bank always asks for a copy of a valid ID. A driving license is also accepted as a valid ID at most banks. However, this is not the case with all banks. At AshLenderchiro we will inform you in an accompanying email which proof of identity we need from you.
Please note that for the “passes” such as the driver's license and ID card, a copy of both the front and the back must be made.
We also need a copy of the back of the pass for the new passport, which is valid for ten years. Your citizen service number is stated here.

Copy of a recent pay slip / income statement

You can only take out a loan with the bank if you have sufficient income. To check this, the bank would like to receive a recent payslip, or a benefit or income statement in the event of a benefit.
This involves looking at various data. Most important here is your gross monthly salary. The bank itself converts this gross salary into a net salary and uses it to calculate the amount of the justified loan.
In addition, we also look at your date of employment, and whether or not you have a wage attachment. No financing is provided to persons with an attachment.

Bank statements

The last standard document that the bank will always ask for is a bank statement with a crediting of your income and, if applicable, a depreciation of your living expenses. It must also be visible at and debits of a certain period. At all banks, this must be a full month's bank statement with credits and debits, downloaded in PDF format. The best way to download this differs per bank. Are you not sure? Then you can always contact us.
All credits and debits must be visible in these overviews. There should be no deletions.
The bank is not interested in what you spend your money on. But wants to see if there are no financial problems by inspecting the bank statements. For example, they pay attention to whether your bailiffs or collection agencies have on your bank statement, or whether you make frequent use of mini-loans.
For which period we need bank statements from you, we will state in the accompanying email or letter when we send you the quotation.
Because internet banking is usually used, we send an explanation with every quotation how you can best download a bank statement from your bank. This manual is very functional. If you have any questions, you can of course always give us a call. We are happy to help you.

Other documents for a loan

There are also documents that are required in certain situations. If you have a loan that needs to be repaid, we need an overview showing what the outstanding balance is at the moment. If we need additional documents, we will state this in the email we will send you with the quotation. It clearly states what we need from you.