Loan declined

Have you applied for a loan, but has this loan been rejected? This does not always mean that there are no more options for you. In some cases you may still be eligible for financing elsewhere. Applying for a loan from AshLenderchiro immediately gives you an excellent 'second opinion'. We will be happy to see what there is still to be done to arrange the financing for you.

Different possibilities

Loan declined Credit competitor works together with no less than 8 different lenders! In short, endless possibilities. A wide range naturally helps to make more possible. Has your Lineloan loan been rejected? Or if you have to wait a very long time, there are in many cases still options at AshLenderchiro for providing advantageous financing.
Especially when it comes to mediating a car loan , we currently have more options than our competitors. The car loan is therefore a fast-growing market for Credit Competitor.

Reason for rejection is important

Whether there are opportunities through Credit Competitor depends on various factors. The reason for rejection is important here.
Lineloan has a strong acceptance policy. The chance that your application will be approved by them and processed quickly is limited. There are more options at Credit Competitor. A rejected loan certainly does not always mean that there are no longer any options for an advantageous credit.
When does your application still have a good chance of success:

  • Have you been rejected because you took out several loans in the past? Then there is another possibility that Credit Competitor can get your application approved because we can work with different banks.
  • Have you been turned down for temporary employment? Even then, there are more options at AshLenderchiro than you can at Lineloan, for example. The reason for this is again the collaboration with various banks.
  • If it takes too long for your file to be settled with the other banks. Have you been waiting too long for a response to your file? You will receive a response to your request from credit competitor within a few hours. In addition, we always process your file within a few hours after it has been received by us (on working days). We will always keep you informed of the status of your file. You can check this in our handy app.

Apply directly

You can submit your application directly via our online application form. If you have any questions you can also contact us by phone of course. We are happy to work for you.