Compare loans

Vergelijk leningen

If you want to take out a loan , we would like to give you another important tip. Before you take out a loan, it is important to compare loans. You can of course do this on comparison websites , but we recommend something else when it comes to borrowing money . The comparison websites can have a different interest than actually giving you the objective information. Often they only state the “from interest” while in practice a different interest rate may apply.

How best to compare loans?

In our opinion, the better way to compare loans is by requesting loan quotes. You will then get a clear insight into what is really possible for you, and what you actually get for interest. Requesting a quote for a loan is free of charge and without obligation. You will also receive an ESIC form with the conditions of the loan. This gives you a better insight into what the loan really means.

Compare benefits of loans

By requesting various quotes, the chance is much greater that borrowing money cheaply is possible for you. If a car dealer knows that you are shopping for another car, you often also get an extra discount. This is often no different with loans. A bank / credit broker will do a better job for you if he / she knows that you have also applied for financing elsewhere.
In addition, there is another advantage to requesting multiple quotations. You will acquire more knowledge of borrowing money. And more knowledge will most likely yield you more. You will then be less likely to be steered with the proverbial “lump in the reed”.