Autolening voor zelfstandigen

Car loan for the self-employed

Borrowing money for the self-employed, if you are self-employed you may know how difficult that can be. Stock financing, financing of new tools, it is all quite difficult. How different is this with a car loan for the self-employed.
The car loan is easy to take out. Where you have to supply stacks of figures with any other form of borrowing money, we can guarantee that a car loan can be arranged quickly and easily. Annual figures? Not necessary in most cases.

Why so simple?

It is actually impossible to imagine that the banks are suddenly so flexible when it comes to financing. Fortunately, the message is really correct. The difference between a car loan for the self-employed and an 'normal' loan is in the fact that there is clear collateral for this form of borrowing money. And because you always take out the loan with a personal loan, which also reduces the outstanding balance. There is certainty that the value of the car and the amount of the loan will remain in reasonable proportion to each other during the term of the loan.

Who owns the car

With a car loan for the self-employed, you can opt for a financial lease or an operational lease. You are the beneficial owner of a financial lease and the operational lease. The most frequently chosen form is the financial lease. You then take out financing for the car, arrange the insurance yourself and also pay the road tax and any maintenance yourself. If you have repaid the loan in full, you are also the legal owner of the car.

Loan for the self-employed without hassle

If you take out a loan for a car, you will find that borrowing real money is hassle-free. Providing your bank statement and a valid driver's license may be enough to fund your car or company bus. We can't make it easier for you!
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