Geld lenen voor ouderen?

Big in the news today “Loanin raises the age limit for borrowing money from 69 to 74 years ”.

Actually, this shouldn't be news. The 70+ can already borrow money .
You can apply for a loan up to the age of 72 at AshLenderchiro. You must then have repaid your credit before your 74th year. In the past, people could even borrow money from Santander up to the age of 80.

It has also been possible to borrow until your 75th birthday atFriesland Bank for years. So do not be confused, it is still possible at various banks to borrow money after your 70th birthday and not only with the Loanin. In itself, this is of course great advertising of the Loanin, but don't forget to always request multiple quotes so that you can choose from multiple offers.