Totale kosten berekenen persoonlijke lening

Personal loan: calculate total costs

Taking out a personal loan is becoming increasingly popular. There are different amounts for which you can take out a personal loan, depending on your wishes, your purchase and your options. When you are exploring the options for a personal loan, do not forget to look at the amount that you will soon have to pay in total for the personal loan. The costs consist not only of the amount that you borrow, but also of interest. Therefore, calculate the total costs of your loan before taking out the personal loan.

Calculate total costs

In order to calculate the total cost of the personal loan, you need to know the amount to be borrowed, the term of the loan and the interest rate. Because the term and the interest rate are fixed for a personal loan, you can already calculate now what you will have paid in total costs for the personal loan at the end of the term. Only when you know the total costs per personal loan can you make the right choice for the loan that suits you best. Keep in mind that if you pay off more in the meantime than the standard monthly amount, the total costs of the personal loan will be lower. But that is only a bonus!

Nibud results

Nibud is an independent foundation and information institute that informs and advises on household finances, such as pocket money, pension, debts and benefits. Preventing money problems is always the goal. Recently, an investigation was published by Nibud about the personal loan. For 2 years, 850 consumers who had taken out a personal loan through an intermediary participated in the survey. The research also showed results about the total amount of a personal loan.

First of all, it was examined for what amount people took out a personal loan. For 56% of the respondents, the amount fell between $ 5,000 and $ 25,000. Only 3% of the respondents took out a personal loan for less than $ 5,000 and 10% took out a substantial personal loan of more than $ 50,000. Most personal loans were taken out for the purchase of a car, a renovation or to take out an existing loan. It was striking that about 6% of the respondents had no idea of ​​the amount borrowed and 38% of the respondents had no idea what the total amount to be paid, including interest. Nibud therefore advises to pay more attention to the total amount when choosing a loan, because that is the amount that you ultimately have to pay.

Credit competitor
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