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Personal loan through execution only

Personal loan through execution only

Research by Nibud shows that more and more people take out their personal loan via 'execution only'. We would like to tell you more about borrowing money based on execution only below.

What is execution only?

When you take out a personal loan via the execution only principle, this means that you take out the personal loan with a party that only mediates and does not advise. For example, if you have sufficient prior knowledge about the personal loan, because you have read properly or have been to an information about personal loans, you may not have the need to pay extra to receive tailor-made advice about personal loans . This is common practice for many customers who take out a financial product. And according to Nibud , the number of customers doing this will only grow in the future.

Nibud results

Nibud is an independent foundation and information institute that informs and advises on household finances, such as pocket money, pension, debts and benefits. Preventing money problems is always the goal. Recently, an investigation was published by Nibud about the personal loan. For 2 years, 850 consumers who had taken out a personal loan through an intermediary participated in the survey. The survey also revealed results regarding execution only and a personal loan.

Of all 850 consumers, 59% took out the personal loan through execution only. Moreover, these borrowers are generally more satisfied with their loan. The two most important factors for determining with which intermediary they wanted to take out their personal loan were the speed with which everything is arranged (59%) and the level of the interest (58%). In addition, transparency (31%), reliability (23%) and the possibility of penalty-free repayments (46%) were important factors.

What is also striking is that the consumers who took out their personal loan via execution only found it more important that the intermediary made them feel good (47%) than the people who took out the loan via advice (38%). No less than 82% of consumers compared multiple loans and lenders before making a choice for a personal loan. The way in which information is presented by the intermediary also has a major influence on the choices and decisions of consumers.

Credit competitor

Are you considering taking out your personal loan through execution only? At AshLenderchiro you can compare multiple credit providers, the interest rates and conditions, free of charge and without obligation. You can also easily calculate your credit, the term and the total costs. You can then immediately choose the offer that appeals to you the most, after which we will send you the quote by e-mail. Fast, transparent and reliable!

Buying and financing Tiny House

Buying and financing a tiny house? 3 tips

We see them appearing more and more in the landscape: tiny houses. A tiny house is a full-fledged primary home, but built with a maximum of 50 square meters of living space. And that includes any floors! A tiny house is also in a fixed place, so it cannot be moved like a caravan. Because tiny houses are still a reasonable new form of living, it is not self-evident that you can place a tiny house anywhere. Sometimes you have to buy a building plot or look for a holiday park where permanent residence is possible. However, there are various municipalities and initiatives that would like to contribute ideas about this. Does a tiny house seem like you are buying something and would you like to delve into the possibilities? What about a mortgage for a tiny house or are there more ways to finance? We are happy to give you 3 tips when it comes to borrowing money for and purchasing a tiny house.

The right preparation

If you are seriously considering buying a tiny house , good preparation is extremely important. A tiny house means 'downsizing' for many people. Just like with the purchase of any other home, it is also important for a tiny house that you think carefully about what your minimum wishes for the home are. Perhaps this is even more important with a tiny house, because the space is so limited. What is indispensable for you? Then you can see what the range of designers and builders has to offer.

Would you like to make a design for the house yourself? Then go to work with masking tape with which you can stick the house to the floor in full size. This way you can already 'taste' whether the rooms are large enough for you. And you may even be able to start throwing away items you no longer need. The less, the better! In addition, look for information, builders and possible locations where placing a tiny house is allowed and see if you can get in touch with other interested parties to exchange tips and information with each other.

Mortgage tiny house

There are no fixed prices for a tiny house. It depends on how crazy you drive it, what materials you choose and whether you may be helping with the construction. Would you like to live off-grid, an approved trailer or bio-based living, for example? Then the cost will be higher. In general, a ready-made tiny house should start at $ 40,000. You can often build your own from $ 25,000.

A mortgage for a tiny house is a bit more difficult to obtain than that of a 'standard' home. Many mortgage lenders require that a house is built of stone, is secured to the ground, that there is an environmental permit and that you can register in the BRP at that address. With long lease you can in many cases just get a mortgage for a tiny house. In that case you do not own the land, but you receive it on loan. You pay a so-called 'canon' for the land, which can sometimes also be repaid in one go. Leasehold is often agreed for a longer period of time and you may resell the pitch under certain conditions.

Financing a tiny house with a loan

When you are going to buy a tiny house, you can also think about other ways of financing. In addition to a mortgage for a tiny house, you can think of crowdfunding or crowdlending, and borrowing from friends or family. Financing a tiny house is often also done by means of a personal loan or a revolving credit . With a personal loan you know exactly where you stand and when the loan is repaid. The interest and term are fixed.

A revolving credit is useful when you are going to build a tiny house yourself. If construction unexpectedly turns out to be more expensive, you can withdraw repaid amounts again. You do have a variable interest.

Borrow money with low interest

Borrow money with low interest

Did you know that borrowing money has become slightly cheaper again in the past month? You can now borrow money again at a low rate of only 4%. The Onebank has lowered its interest rate further over the past week. That is good news if you are looking for an affordable loan. Or if you were just thinking about transferring your overpriced loan cheaply. Refinancing your loan can now also give you extra benefits. Request your credit quote free of charge and without obligation. We will let you know what the options are within a few hours.

Interest rate battle rages on

There has actually been a fierce battle for the lowest interest rates between different banks for years. For the banks that work through intermediaries, Onebank now has a slight advantage over Shineloan again. At Shineloan , the lowest interest rate is still 4.1%. Borrowing money with low interest can save you a lot. And as long as the banks compete with each other for the lowest interest, you can of course benefit from this.

Transfer now? Or wait a while?

Whether it is advantageous to close or wait for the interest rate to drop further seems a difficult choice, of course. Much depends on the interest you are paying now. What type of credit you now have, and what the remaining term of your loan is. Nevertheless, it is generally fair to say that a loan with a low interest rate is in many cases a lot cheaper.
Especially if you wish to transfer your mail order credit or loan with one of the major banks, Loanin, Rarebank or LPN. These banks usually have a much higher interest rate than the loans that Credit Competitor can offer you.

Borrow money with low interest? It is possible at Credit Competitor

Would you like to know what credit competitor can do for you? Apply for affordable financing immediately, free of charge and without obligation. We will then ensure that the best possible quote is emailed to you!

Renovation loan

Do you have plans for an adjustment in the home? But just not the financial resources? Then a renovation loan can be a good solution for you.
It is generally best to take out a renovation loan in the form of a personal loan . This is because you then meet the conditions for making the interest tax deductible.

Apply for a renovation loan

Applying for a renovation loan works the same as applying for a personal loan or a revolving credit. You complete the application form and we will process the application for you as soon as possible. Within a few hours we know what the options are for you for an affordable loan . Because a renovation loan can certainly be advantageous. Provided you can submit the receipts for the renovation. You can deduct the interest to be paid for tax purposes if you meet the conditions . In that case, you can state the interest to be paid, and you will get a part of it back.

Is a renovation loan cheaper?

We noticed that on the internet many providers indicate that a renovation loan is much cheaper than other forms of borrowing money.
It is then insinuated that the interest is much lower, etc. However, this is not the case. The interest with this form of borrowing money is just as low as with a regular personal loan. For example, with a loan of $ 20,000 , you have an interest rate of 4.4%. This is equal to the interest of a regular personal loan.
The only advantage is that you can get part of the interest paid back from the tax authorities. And that is actually the big advantage.

Can a renovation loan also be used with a rental property?

If you want to take out a renovation loan, this is not only possible with an owner-occupied home. Even if you have a rental home, you can take out a renovation loan. With the amount that is released, you can immediately get started to have your dream renovation carried out.

Mobile phone subscription is also a loan

Borrowing money : A “free phone” with a mobile phone subscription is also a form of borrowing money.
Advertisers who try to sell these free phones to you will soon also have to mention: "Be aware, borrowing money costs money" with these offers.
For phones starting at $ 250, the rules will also apply, as is the case with all deferred payments.

What has changed in the mobile phone subscription?

There are a number of things that can change. If you buy a telephone in installments of more than $ 250, the provider is obliged to do an income test. In addition, this loan will also be registered with the CRO. If your income is insufficient, you will not be able to take out a subscription in this way. In addition, it must also be mentioned that borrowing money also costs money. This makes it increasingly clear that a mobile phone subscription with a mobile phone is also a loan.

What are the advantages

The main advantage of this arrangement is that you cannot enter into contracts that you actually couldn't afford. Certainly for students and young people it will be much more difficult to purchase an expensive telephone. Due to the new scheme (or rather, the maintenance of the old scheme), there is a good chance that fewer people will come to their telephone provider with payment problems.

What are the risks?

First, it will be more difficult to get a cell phone over $ 250 on installment. Whether this is a risk, by the way, remains to be seen. If you do get this phone and this subscription. Then an income test has been done for you, and it should be responsible to provide this subscription. The chance that you can continue to pay for your subscription is greater with this test. And so there is a smaller risk.
There is another drawback. In the unlikely event that it is not possible to pay this on time, you will not only have problems with the provider. You can also get a negative registration with the CRO. This negative registration can ensure that it can become much more difficult to take out a loan.

Refinancing expensive loans

Borrowing money We come across it a lot in practice. Consumers who have difficulty transferring expensive loans to providers that are much cheaper. This can have various causes. One of these reasons is that the banks have changed the acceptance criteria, making it impossible to transfer the loan. Another reason may be that the current monthly installment is “so nice and low” because only interest has to be paid at the moment.
However, transferring expensive loans usually generates money in the long term. But how do you go about it if you want to make expensive loans possible.

Take a critical look at your expensive loans

If you really want to do something about your financial burden, it is important to take a critical look at your loans. What is the interest rate at the moment? What is your monthly installment? How long have you been paying on the loan ? How much have you actually already paid in interest? Make a clear list of this. It is not always fun to do, but it is certainly educational. You get a clear insight into your financial situation, and you immediately see what you paid a lot for. Take absolutely everything with you. Also your overdraft on the checking account, your credit cards and your loans with Otto, Wehkamp or Neckermann. With all these parties you simply have to pay interest, and so they are also loans. Often with an interest of 14%!

How to transfer your expensive loans afterwards?

After you have insight, you can easily check how you can transfer your loan. The stage of requesting quotes has then arrived. We recommend that you always request several quotes, so that you can make a good comparison to see where you can borrow the most advantageously.
By the way, do not only look at the lowest interest, but also look at the additional conditions, term and total costs.
You can also borrow cheaper with a higher payment per month. Or maybe borrow more cheaply. This is because a higher monthly installment means more and faster repayments, and therefore less interest over the entire term.

Borrowing cheaper money again

Borrowing cheaper money again

Borrowing money will be slightly cheaper again from 1 February. From this date you can take out a revolving credit with an interest of 4.4% from a credit amount of $ 25,000.
The interest is also lowered for lower amounts. Shineloan thus competes even more with the other lenders.

What should you do to borrow money cheaper?

You do not have to do much to see whether you can borrow money cheaper. You can call us between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Or you can fill in our digital application form. We will immediately process your application and then immediately see whether borrowing money cheaper is also possible for you. This process only takes a few hours, even if we have no options for you, we will of course let you know immediately.

No additional costs for borrowing money

If you take out a loan through Credit Competitor, you do not pay any additional costs for a loan. We will arrange the transfer of your loan completely for you. All we need for this is the last balance statement of the loan you wish to repay. And a cancellation letter, so that this loan can also be deregistered from the CRO. The redemption will be made for you. It is therefore not necessary to transfer amounts.
The information we provide about borrowing money is always “free”. We are remunerated by the banks in the form of a continuous commission. This is different if we also mediate a payment protector for you. A payment protector is a Net product. This may sound strange, but it means that it is a product that does not contain any commission. You pay the net premium directly to the insurer. This is why these premiums are incredibly low. An involuntary unemployment insurance or a disability insurance only costs a few dollars. If we mediate these products for you, if you really take them out through us, you will be charged one-off costs. These costs are $ 49 if you are single and 98 if you both want life insurance. This is always reflected in our assignment to provide services.

Can you borrow more or less in 2016

Borrow money : Can you borrow more or less in 2016? A question that keeps consumers busy. However, the answer to this question is not easy to give. There are some contradictory data that affect your maximum borrowing capacity.
<2> Can you borrow more or less in 2016? The loan standards.

As every year, the loan standards were raised again in 2016. You must therefore take into account that with regard to this standard, no will be indicated more often if you wish to take out a loan. The increase in the loan standards means that the bank will reject your loan sooner.
Fortunately, there is also something in return.

Net salary higher in most cases

In addition to the increase in the loan standards, we can also indicate something positive. This relates to your net monthly salary. Because less tax will be levied on labor, you will be left with more net. Incidentally, this mainly applies to incomes to average. This group is by far the most improving.

Can you borrow more or less in 2016? Cannot be stated unambiguously.

Unfortunately, we cannot indicate whether borrowing money will become more difficult or easier in 2016. It depends too much on your personal situation. If you have a high income, your income will increase much less quickly than with a low income. This makes it difficult to make a statement that is correct for everyone.
You only know for sure what the options are for you if you actually apply for a loan. Credit competitor can then immediately assess the possibilities for you. During office hours you will often receive a response with the possibilities within a few hours. Even if a loan is not possible, we will let you know as soon as possible.

DSB Loan transfer

Borrow money : Do you have a DSB loan? And have you now received compensation for the overpriced insurance policies that were sold to you in the past? Then it may be a good time to transfer the credit now. Refinancing your DSB loan can save you a lot of money. The interest rates on DSB loans have been very low in the distant past. However, the bank has increased the interest on the loans (sharply) in recent years.
It is now the case that most loans, including personal loans, can be repaid at the DSB without penalty. This obviously applies to revolving credit in any case. With the personal loans, this is in any case if at least 3/5 of the term of your personal loan has passed. Transferring your DSB loan can be the start of borrowing money cheaply .

Transfer your DSB loan with AshLenderchiro

If you want to transfer your DSB loan, you can easily apply for your loan with us. If you complete the application form in full, we will process your application as soon as possible. This will take a maximum of 1 hour on working days. We then immediately submit the application to the bank. As soon as we receive a response from the bank, we will pass this on to you immediately. We can then indicate what your DSB loan will yield you.

Want to save on your DSB loan?

Saving on your DSB loan can be easy. In addition, it has another advantage. There are still more than 3,000,000,000 loans outstanding at the DSB. A small part of this is a revolving credit . This revolving credit normally has the flexibility that you can make extra repayments without penalty, and that you can make withdrawals from your credit. Unfortunately, the latter is no longer possible with DSB loans. The revolving credits are blocked for withdrawal. If you transfer your DSB loan, you immediately have the option to also withdraw money from your loan. A nice additional advantage with your DSB Loan.

Borrow $ 500? Don't borrow too expensive

borrow money : It happens a lot, consumers who are looking for a small loan of $ 500. Or a little more or less. But how can you make borrowing $ 500 as cheap as possible? Where can you go if you need this amount as quickly? Who makes sure that it is done responsibly, and what are the fables about borrowing $ 500?

Borrow 500 dollars inexpensively

In practice, we notice that many people who want to borrow $ 500 are mainly looking for a quick loan. The conditions are not considered, because it will be “repaid in no time”. Yet it is true that “wrong” borrowing $ 500 can have major consequences.
This is especially true when borrowing $ 500 in the form of a mini loan. With this form of borrowing money you will receive a loan of up to $ 800, and you must, for example, repay $ 600 or even more for an amount of $ 500 within 30 days. That is, in any case, not cheap to borrow $ 500.
A much more advantageous form of borrowing money for $ 500 can be borrowing $ 500 in the form of a revolving credit . The disadvantage with a revolving credit is that you have to borrow a minimum limit of $ 2,500. However, because with a revolving credit you can also leave amounts in deposit, you can immediately leave $ 2000 in deposit. You then do not pay any interest and repayment on this. The amount of $ 500 will be paid directly to your account. You then only pay interest on this amount. The legal maximum interest is 15% on an annual basis.
That seems like a lot, but it is still a lot lower than the 300% with the mini-exercises.

How long does the loan application take?

It does not really matter whether you want a large or a small loan. The handling of the application is identical. Your application will be assessed for affordability, and a CRO assessment will be done. We will then go through the proposal with you and email you the quotation.
You can then print, read and sign the quotation at home if you agree with our proposal.
You can submit all documents directly via our upload page. During office hours, these documents are generally reviewed within 1 hour. Depending on how busy the bank is, the money can quickly be in your account.

Borrowing fables about $ 500

There are a number of myths about borrowing $ 500. The most important of these is that borrowing money in the form of a mini loan would be possible within 10 minutes. However, if you request a mini loan for the first time, this is certainly not possible. The bank's processing time is longer and your documents need to be reviewed.
In addition, it is the case that completing a loan of $ 500 can take as long as getting a loan of $ 50,000. The checks on these files will be identical.