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Personal loan with National ShareB

Borrow money : It has recently become possible to take out a personal loan with National ShareB . National ShareB entered the credit market in 2014. And until a few weeks ago only with revolving credit . It was soon indicated that a Personal Loan with National ShareB could also be taken out in the future. And that time has now come.
National ShareB has chosen to offer the personal loan at a competitive interest rate.

Why choose a personal loan with National ShareB?

A personal loan has a number of characteristics, with the personal loan at National ShareB you also have a fixed interest rate and a fixed term.
The disadvantage of a personal loan is that the interest at most providers is slightly higher than the interest with a revolving credit. On the other hand, with a personal loan you know where you stand. Due to the fixed interest rate and the fixed term of the loan.
With a personal loan with National ShareB you have absolute clarity with regard to the term of your loan and the interest on your loan.
A personal loan can be a good option if you have (some) certainty in advance about the duration of the object that you want to finance.
In addition, there can be a big advantage if you start using a personal loan for home improvement.
The interest that you then pay may then be tax deductible.

Take out a personal loan? Compare first!

Borrowing money in the form of a personal loan is great if you are looking for security. It is also good to compare providers with a personal loan with National ShareB. Credit competitor takes this work off your hands. When we apply for a personal loan for you, we do this not only with National ShareB, but also with other, inexpensive providers of personal loans.
We are of course very satisfied with an additional provider of personal loans. More providers means more competition, more competition can mean lower rates. And that is ultimately what you can benefit from. Especially by comparing personal loans. You can apply for your personal loan directly from us. We would of course like to welcome you as a new customer!

More payment arrears at CRO

Borrowing money : Since January 1, 2015, the number of bricklayers with payment arrears at the CRO has increased further. The number grew by 7,039 people to a total number of 777,767. A considerable number. The total database of the CRO currently contains more than 8.5 million consumers. According to the data from the CRO, this means that more than 91% can still repay the loan on time.

Payment arrears at CRO do not provide a complete picture

That the number of people with payment arrears is growing is of course worrying. Nevertheless, it is not directly possible to deduce from this graph whether the problem is also getting worse. We believe that this can be better if we also know how many people there are in total with a loan. If the number of people with a loan increases sharply, it is also predictable that the number of people with payment arrears at CRO will also increase further.
Nothing was said about this in the last press release. However, if we compare this press release with the previous one (when the number of people with payment arrears was still growing by 20,000 consumers), we see that the CRO in that press release still speaks about 8.6 million consumers in the database, where it now numbers 8.5 million consumers in the database. This would mean that the actual problem is growing even faster, despite the slowdown in growth.
To give you an impression of the development of the number of payment arrears at CRO, a graph below:

Payment arrears at CRO

What to do in case of imminent backlog

Not taking out a loan can of course be an option to prevent arrears. Yet there is nothing wrong with responsible borrowing. If you expect problematic situations to arise, it is in any case important to communicate with the bank and / or your intermediary. By talking to these parties you increase the chance of a good solution to deal with your (temporary) problem. In addition, it is important to always have a good overview of your financial situation. This allows you to properly assess how you are doing and whether a problem may arise.
Suppose that the threat of arrears arises due to a fall in income due to illness or incapacity for work, then it is advisable to check whether you have taken out insurance for this. Your intermediary can tell you more about this.

How do you prevent payment arrears at CRO

More important than the actions you could take in the event of imminent backlogs at CRO is of course how you can prevent these backlogs. An important tip here is to be honest about your financial situation. If you take out a loan where you actually already know that you cannot meet the monthly installments, it is better not to take out a loan. We will of course also check your application for affordability in accordance with the current VFN standards, is your spending pattern higher due to an expensive hobby, for example? Then the standard VFN standard does not take this into account. And it can therefore happen that the loan is too heavy a burden.
It is always important to continue to communicate well with the bank if backlogs are imminent. This is a small effort and a great pleasure for all parties. After all, it is clear to everyone what the situation is and what you can expect from each other.

Financing the engine

Motor Finance

The motorcycle season has been going on for some time now. The weather has been quite nice in recent weeks and there are already many motorcyclists who have been able to make beautiful trips. If you have found out that your engine no longer fully meets your needs, it may be an option to exchange your engine for another engine. Often, just a little extra has to be paid. Borrowing money for a motorcycle can of course be a good option. The only question then is, what should you pay attention to when taking out a loan for a motorcycle?

Points of attention when borrowing a motorcycle

In addition to the focus of low interest, well understood by most people, there is another point of interest in financing a motorbike. If you are going to borrow money for an engine, you must ensure that the financing does not exceed the expected life of the engine. Financing a motorcycle is of course not that bad, but if you still have to pay for the motorcycle when you are no longer driving it, this can feel very annoying.
Always coordinate the term of the loan carefully with the expected lifespan of the engine. Of course, the engine will still have a residual value, but by also completely releasing this, the engine will sooner feel like a real possession.

Responsible motorcycling, responsible financing

The vast majority of motorcyclists are neat road users, not only on the motorcycle, but also in the car, this group of road users is aware of the vulnerability in traffic. The way you behave as a motorcyclist, you should actually also finance your motorcycle. Take your time, take a good look around you, and don't make hasty decisions that you might regret afterwards.

Repayments on consumer credit

Repayments on consumer credit

Repayments on consumer credit also increased further in the first quarter of 2015. This is evident from the figures from Statistics Netherlands . These figures show that the trend of borrowing less and less money in the form of consumer credit is continuing. Incidentally, this trend has been going on for years.

Repayments on consumer credit, other loans continues to rise

Where repayments on consumer credit continue, the balance on the other loans will only continue to rise. Unfortunately, it is not indicated which types of loans fall under this. In our opinion, the chances are greatest that these are loans in the form of credit cards, loans with mailing house loans and the like, because these forms of borrowing money are increasing, just like the expensive overdrafts on the current accounts.

Possible causes repayments on consumer credit

We can identify a number of possible causes for the fall in the outstanding balance of consumer credits. However, because these are not mentioned in the research, these remain speculations.
One of the main causes of the fall in the outstanding balance may be that virtually no interest loans are currently being issued. These are interest-only loans where you only have to pay the interest and have to make the repayment yourself. This form of borrowing money is almost impossible to obtain.
Since almost all consumer credit is now issued in a repayment form, it is therefore plausible to assume that this contributes to a decrease in the outstanding balance.
In addition, more and more personal loans are being provided. Unlike with a revolving credit, with a personal loan, there is no longer any possibility to make withdrawals from your credit. This means you can repay your loan at all times. Because this form of borrowing money is more often provided, the chance is greater that the total outstanding balance on consumer credit will fall further.

Would you like to make more repayments on your loan?

If you want to make extra repayments yourself, or want to check whether you can transfer your loan more cheaply to a loan with a lower interest rate, you can of course always submit a free and non-binding request for an advantageous loan at AshLenderchiro. We are happy to discuss the options with you!

Credit for the Self-employed

Credit for the self-employed

Borrow money ? Self-employed credit has been widely in the media in recent months and years. Credit for private individuals has become more difficult in recent years, but credit for the self-employed has become almost impossible. |
Fortunately, alternatives have emerged in recent years. There have been several lenders that did not exist before.

Credit for the self-employed? The options:

In addition to knocking on the door of your own bank, where you currently have your business account, there are a number of other options.
You can think of three other initiatives.
The former is perhaps the most famous and rapidly emerging. Crowdfunding. More and more crowdfuning platforms are available. Credit for the self-employed is much more accepted in these forms of borrowing money. Projects are therefore often completed very quickly, also for the self-employed. You can read more about this on a website like
The second option is to apply for a loan through Qredits. Qredits is more than just a lender. You will also receive coaching at Qredits. The third option is of course knocking on the door of your own bank, where you also have your business account. Credit for the self-employed usually starts with applying for a loan at their own bank, and only after that at the other institutions.

Credit for the self-employed remains difficult

Assessing a loan application from a private consumer with an employment contract is and remains simpler than a credit for the self-employed. Despite the fact that the economy is recovering, this will in all probability remain so for a while. The provision of credit for the self-employed remains quite specialized and involves more risks than a regular loan.
Credit competitor has also opted not to broker credit for self-employed people at this time.

Financing the dormer

Dormer window Finance

Are you also thinking about enriching your home? But just not enough resources to start with the renovation right now? Then borrowing money for a dormer can be an option. Financing a dormer window can be beneficial, especially if you arrange the financing of the dormer window in the right form of credit. In some cases, you can get part of the interest paid back from the tax authorities.

Financing a dormer? Which type of credit do you choose?

If you want to finance a dormer window, you are of course free in the form of credit you wish to take out. You can opt for a revolving credit , but also a personal loan . With a revolving credit, you choose a flexible form of borrowing money, where you can make extra repayments without penalty, and you can also make withdrawals from your credit. With a personal loan, everything is fixed, the term of the loan, the amount of the interest. You know where you stand. But there is another important difference. For example, the interest on a personal loan can be deductible. The tax authorities then actually repay part of your loan , because the interest that you pay on the loan is also included.

Interest is not always deductible for tax purposes

Financing a dormer window does not automatically mean that you can settle the interest paid on your loan with the tax authorities. This is only the case if you meet the conditions for interest deduction. An important fact here is that an annuity or linear reduction must take place in your loan. This sounds complicated, but actually means no more than that you have to reduce your loan every month. If you were to, or could make, withdrawals from your credit, as is possible with a revolving credit, then the chance that the interest is tax deductible is nil.

Mortgage interest is falling (even) further

It was not in line with expectations given the recent reports on mortgage interest. An increase in mortgage interest was predicted. Yet it all turns out differently. The mortgage interest rate continues to fall further and further. Historical lows are now being reached. With better research, it can be possible to take out your mortgage loan at an interest rate of 3% for a fixed-rate period of no less than 20 years. Borrowing money for a mortgage has never been so advantageous.

Mortgage interest falls, and the interest on a “normal” loan?

Mortgage interest rates are falling steadily and, with the exception of the occasional small bump, continues to fall. But what actually happens to the interest on your loan ? Is it also getting lower? Simply put, you might think that a home loan is really no different from a large loan. Yet this works slightly differently in practice. Just the fact that a mortgage loan is accepted, but a consumer loan is actually a bit “dirty”. Is a big difference.
At parties and parties, people talk openly about the interest that could be negotiated on the mortgage, but the interest on an ordinary loan? We don't hear anyone about that.
This is one of the reasons why the interest on ordinary loans can remain higher. Indeed, they do not encourage each other to look for a lower interest rate.
In addition, competition among providers of “normal” loans is even less than among providers of mortgage loans.
For the reasons mentioned above, the interest on consumer credit will in all likelihood remain higher. In the past, of course, there have been providers like LLM Bank who have stunted with interest rates of 1.9% and even 0.9%. This is very unlikely to happen in the near future.

How can you lower the interest on your loan?

If you currently have a loan, and you pay an interest of more than 4.5% on a loan amount greater than $ 25,000, you may be paying an interest that is too high. To check whether it is possible to get a loan at a lower interest rate, you can have Credit Competitor check, free of charge, whether there are options elsewhere to transfer your loan more cheaply. This will be assessed by us free of charge and without obligation. In most cases, transferring a loan can also be done free of charge.
Therefore, ask directly what your options are, and you can quickly ensure that you will pay a low interest rate.

Borrow money without a bank?

Recently we saw a very nice video about borrowing money on the internet. This time about borrowing money without a bank. In our opinion, the video is a disguised commercial for the provider of this form of borrowing money. But there is certainly something in it. More and more people are tired of the banking culture and are looking for other providers of loans than the “normal” banks.

Borrow money without a bank? What are the risks?

As rightly indicated in the video, there is no difference between borrowing from a bank or a loan in the form of crowdfunding from one or more private individuals. The only risk that you run when receiving the loan is that you cannot repay the loan or cannot repay it on time. This may mean that extra costs will be charged, and that borrowing money will cost you even more than just the interest on the loan. Borrowing money with a bank is actually an even greater risk than borrowing money without a bank. With a loan from the bank, your loan will also be CRO tested and registered. This will not happen in all cases when borrowing money without a bank.

Is borrowing money cheaper without a bank?

We ourselves think that the “real” interest rates are not discussed in the video that has been put online. We did have a look at the website for this. And we immediately noticed that only the nominal interest is mentioned. This is different from the regular lenders, where one must always correctly indicate what the effective interest is. However, these nominal interest rates are quite competitive. The problem, however, is that it apparently takes a long time to get the money. There is a period of 14 days for “filling up” the investment for a loan. We have tracked them for you, but none of these loans have ever been fully written.

Risk for the lender / investor

In addition to the risks for the person who is going to borrow the money. Are there also risks for the person who lends the money. The investor. This is because if the investor does not repay his / her loan. Then you, as an investor, have lost your money. So always be careful when investing in these types of projects. There is no guarantee that you will actually get your money back. The advantage, of course, is that risks can also be offset by returns. Which consideration you make in this is and remains your own choice.

Merge Loans

Borrow money : If you have loans from different providers, such as credit card companies. You are overdrawn on your checking account, have a “normal” revolving credit and perhaps a loan from Otto, Wehkamp or Neckermann. Then there is a good chance that merging your loans will not only provide an overview of your total debt position. You can also save considerably on your interest. In general, several small loans are more expensive than one (larger) loan.

Merge Benefits of Loans

We have actually already mentioned the two most important advantages. The advantage of having a clear and clear overview. And of course the advantage of a lower interest rate. With credit cards you pay interest of up to 15%, as well as often “card costs”. These are the most important reasons to check for yourself what you currently have in terms of financing. There are, of course, even more benefits to pooling loans. A clear and clear overview of your debt situation can also provide more peace of mind.

What do you have to pay attention to?

Combining loans should result in you borrowing money cheaper. And therefore get rid of your loan earlier. It is important to check what will happen for each loan you have if you redeem this loan prematurely. Look at what you still have to pay on the loan, and calculate (or have it calculated) what you will pay in total on the loan in the new situation. If you do this, you will probably soon see that a personal loan with a short remaining term is in most cases not cheaper to repay. On the other hand, you will also be positively surprised. A credit card or a loan from the Wehkamp can now cost you a lot of money. In this case, merging loans can yield a lot of money.

Borrowing money from NN cheaper again!

Borrowing money will be slightly cheaper at National ShareB this month. Due to the interest rate cut that will be implemented on May 8, you can take out a loan with National ShareB from this date at an interest rate of 4.5%. Borrowing money has become a bit cheaper again. The rates for smaller amounts will also be lowered. For example, from $ 15,000 you can take out a loan from 4.7%. Until May 8, this interest is an interest of 4.9%.
This is already the second interest rate cut at National ShareB within 1 year. Last year, the interest rate was also lowered in May for the revolving loans at National ShareB.

Second rate cut in one year at National ShareB

Borrowing money from NN cheaper is of course caused by the lower interest rate that is charged to you. This is the second time in one year that the interest rate at National ShareB has been reduced again. An important reason for this is that the competitors also lowered interest rates earlier this year. There seems to be a real competition between National ShareB, Lineloan and Shineloan over who is really the cheapest provider of loans.

National ShareB now again the provider with the lowest interest rate

The lower interest rate has made National ShareB the lowest-interest provider in Massachusetts again. Shineloan can only offer the rate of 4.5% if you have an owner-occupied home. Lineloan currently uses an interest rate of 4.6%. They are all minor differences. But because National ShareB can also offer the rate of 4.5% with a rental home, this party is currently the provider with the lowest loan interest. Borrowing money from NN cheaper again is in any case a boost and can save you a few dollars per month, and perhaps more. Would you like to know what the options are for a loan with a very competitive interest rate? Fill in our application form as completely as possible and we will immediately look for the cheapest loan. Credit competitor mediates for both Shineloan and National ShareB!