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Borrow money? Stay critical!

Borrowing money seems very simple and possible everywhere. Nothing could be further from the truth. The standards of the banks are increasingly strict and borrowing money from your bank or through your intermediary is becoming increasingly difficult. If you have decided to borrow money and you've got an agreement with a bank is to compare various loan types and rate of interest.

What should you pay attention to when borrowing money?

The interest rate that you have to pay is of course important with a loan . In addition, many other matters are important that you can pay attention to when entering into a long-term financial obligation. Nowadays you receive an ESIC form with every loan. It states what you must repay in total on the loan. This gives a good idea of ​​the total costs that you will have to pay back.

Lenders may continue to give interest discounts

Good news for consumers! Mortgage lenders may continue to give interest discounts. Borrowing money in the form of a mortgage can therefore remain cheaper. Minister Jan Kees de Jager expressed this in response to the consultation responses to the proposed legislative amendment for a single-track interest rate policy. This interest discount must then apply to both new and existing customers .

This single-track interest policy is being introduced in order not to attract new customers with low interest rates. This has happened many times in the past. The customer was offered a very low interest rate, and if the consumer then had to choose a new fixed-rate period, he received a higher interest rate than the new customers.

Credit card or Mail order loan? In many cases, borrow money at too high interest!

Borrowing cheap money is important to repay the loan as soon as possible. What should you pay attention to if you want to borrow money cheaply , and is that actually possible? Borrow cheap money?

Borrowing money costs money is an important text above every advertisement for borrowing money. It is important here that you can ensure that you pay back as little as possible in any case.

Do you have a loan from a mail order company (Otto, Wehkamp and / or Neckermann for example) or a credit card or customer card. Or are you regularly in the red on your checking account? Then you generally pay too much interest. The interest costs can amount to 15% with these types of borrowing money !! If you have one or more of these loan forms and you cannot repay them at once, it is wise to convert these loans into one affordable loan. Borrowing cheaper starts with a good overview.

Borrowing money becomes cheaper at Shineloan.

Borrowing money from Shineloan will become cheaper from July 15, 2012. Shineloan will lower interest rates as of July 15 . Because the amounts borrowed have become increasingly lower in recent months / years, Shineloan has decided to implement the interest rate cut mainly for the smaller amounts of credit.

What will change for you?

Do you have a revolving credit with Shineloan? Then it is not necessary to do anything. Shineloan sends you your balance statement monthly. They will also report on the interest rate cut. Do you have a personal loan with Shineloan? Then nothing will happen with your interest ormonthly installment . After all, this is fixed with a personal loan.

Borrow money at 0%! attractive??

NVF (Dutch Association of Financing Advisors) today issued a newsletter warning of the hidden costs at the car dealer, where borrowing money at 0% interest is possible. Borrowing money at 0% sounds fine, doesn't it? Then why this warning?

The NVF gives clear reasons for this. If you borrow money at 0% and the banks do incur costs for this, who will ultimately pay the costs for the loan? This is not clear to the consumer at all. It is likely that the car dealer has increased the price of the car so that they have been able to create a reserve for these promotions.

Problems with borrowing money?

Do you have many small loans ? For example at shipping companies such as Neckermann, Wehkamp and Otto? A credit card and an overdraft? Many consumers have this problem with borrowing money and, according to Nibud, are increasingly finding it difficult to pay it off on time. It is important to first recognize that there are various agencies where you have an outstanding loan. Add these together. Check what you have to pay for it per month and how long you still have to pay for it.
This gives you insight into what you still have to repay in total.

If you can quickly redeem the amount, for example through your holiday pay, some extra overtime or a thirteenth month, this is a wise thing to do. After all, the ways of borrowing money that you have are very expensive. If this is not possible, check whether it is more advantageous for you to take out one loan. You can then save a lot of money. Borrowing money in one credit will in many cases be cheaper than having 4 or 5 different addresses that you still have to pay back to.

Onebank starts action to transfer overpriced loans!

Onebank starts action to transfer overpriced loans!

Onebank (part of Credit Agricole) has started an action to point out to consumers that in many cases too expensive money is borrowed.
Expensive forms of borrowing money that are nevertheless popular include “overdraft” on the checking account and credit cards. The interest can even rise to 16%!

Research by Onebank has shown that many consumers prefer to borrow money from their own bank. Understandable, because this is familiar, but expensive. For example, the “own banks” usually charge a higher interest rate than the professional credit intermediaries such as AshLenderchiro . In case of an overdraft , the interest can rise sharply, causing you to pay too much for your loan.
A good way to check whether you are not going to pay too much is to request several quotes . For example, you can always apply for a loan at your own bank and request a quote from AshLenderchiro . This will give you a better idea of ​​your options. You can request a quote at any time free of charge and without obligation.

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To make communication even more complete and transparent, AshLenderchiro has chosen to start using a weblog. Through this means of communication, we hope to make communication with consumers even more interactive and intensive, so that we can serve the consumer even better.

The main objective of the weblog is to inform consumers even better about borrowing money. For example, we will post a message on the weblog as soon as relevant information about borrowing money is available. This can be a good loan tip or a relevant news article.

Credit competitor strives to post new information on the blog every week so that you can always stay informed.

Repay faster when borrowing money, a pleasant feeling.

A good resolution for 2013 could be to think about making extra repayments on your loan . If you have a revolving credit , you may at all times redeem extra without penalty. Borrowing money is seen as a burden by many people with a loan. When borrowing money, the 2 best moments are generally also the moment that the loan is paid out. Because then you can make a wish come true. But perhaps the moment to have fully repaid a loan is even better. After all, you will have more money left every month because a monthly installment is canceled.