Geld lenen weer iets goedkoper

In contrast to mortgage rates , credit rates have fallen over the past month. Admittedly with a small step of 0.1% and only for credit amounts above $ 50,000.00, but it is of course a considerable contradiction with the increase in mortgage interest sometimes up to 0.75%. How does this difference actually come about? And perhaps more importantly, you can also use this lower interest rate and is this interesting for you? Questions that we would like to answer. When it comes to borrowing money as cheaply as possible, you are of course always at the right place at AshLenderchiro. Because 80% of the people still have an expensive loan, we are happy to explain how you can start saving on your loan in a simple way.

Why does the mortgage interest rate rise and the credit interest rate fall?

It is of course strange that you have to pay more interest with one form of borrowing money and less with the other form of borrowing. Yet there is an important difference with these two forms of borrowing money. For example, you can borrow with a mortgage with collateral and with a personal loan without collateral. In addition, there is of course an important difference in the interest rates. The credit interest has now dropped to 3.8% for credits from $ 50,000.00. The interest percentage is lower for mortgages. For personal loans, the interest can still fall slightly because the margin for the banks is larger. Due to the corona crisis, there is a drop in demand for loans. For example, far fewer cars are being sold, resulting in less demand for the car loan .

How can you take advantage of the lower interest rate

Perhaps even more important than the question of why there is a difference between the mortgage interest and the credit interest is the question of how you can apply for an advantageous credit. Fortunately, that is quite easy. You can apply for your loan via our application form. We will then immediately check for you what the options are.