Borrow small amounts

Kleine bedragen lenen

Borrowing small amounts has also become cheaper since a month. Where banks initially concentrated on loans from $ 15,000, they now also seem to find smaller amounts interesting. The interest that we can offer you has decreased by no less than 1.5% for loans between $ 5000 and $ 7500. A very significant decrease. Which of course you can immediately take advantage of. Not only by taking out a loan now, but also by transferring your current, too expensive loan. Certainly if you have taken out your loan through Wehkamp, ​​for example, or if you have an overdraft on your checking account or a credit card. Then there is a good chance that you can now make significant savings. Despite the relatively small loan amount, you can already save several hundred dollars.

What is borrowing a small amount?

A small amount is of course relative, we understand that of course. Therefore, some more information about what amounts we are talking about. If you assume that the average loan amount is $ 24,000 at Credit Competitor, then you will at least have a slightly better picture.
By a small amount we mean the loans up to $ 15,000. Of course we also realize that $ 15,000 is also a lot of money. But it is relatively little for financing. The largest drop in interest is incidentally in amounts up to $ 7,500. For example, borrowing $ 6000 has suddenly become no less than 1.5% cheaper in the past month due to the sharp fall in interest rates. Compared to mortgages, interest is of course still high, but a mortgage has collateral, and of course has substantial additional costs . This is different for a credit. You can take out a loan without additional costs if you do not purchase other products. If you only take out the loan through our mediation, this will cost nothing. If you also take out insurance, we will charge you one-off costs. Of course we are completely transparent about this. We are happy to discuss this with you when discussing a quotation.