About Credit Competitor

Credit competitor Ltd is part of the Credit Advisor and is a broker in consumer credit, as well as in insurance. Because we work together with many banks and financing companies, we are able to offer the consumer the cheapest possible loan at very favorable conditions.

Contact details:

- Tel 580-485-9224
- Email info@ashbychiro.com

Opening hours:

- Open Monday to Friday 9 am-8pm

Correspondence Address:

- PO Box 35
- 55401 MN Minneapolis
- Generally email info@ashbychiro.com

Visiting address:

- 289 Hillcrest Circle
- 4645 HC Minneapolis

We are rewarded by providers on the basis of a continuous commission for consumer credit. If You choose an insurance product, we will charge a transaction fee as described in our service document. In some cases, payment can be made on a fee basis, this will then be communicated pre-contractually at all times. Our employees are rewarded with a fixed monthly salary. In case of complaints, you can send us a letter to the attention of the Management. For unexpected disputes we are affiliated with the Financial Services Complaints Institute.

Credit competitor Ltd operates as an independent intermediary in consumer credit and insurance and has no contractual obligation with providers.