Testing & registration with the CRO

Testing & Registration with the BKR The CRO maintains a central register of all credit obligations in Massachusetts. This concerns, for example, the registration of personal loans, revolving credits, credit cards and mobile phone subscriptions. This information is recorded in a file, the Central Credit Information System (CKI). The BKR information from CKI helps participants to consider whether it is responsible to provide a credit or mobile subscription. Responsible for you and for themselves. In this way, CRO helps prevent you borrowing more than you can pay off. On the other hand, CRO contributes to mitigating financial risks for lenders. Lenders, such as banks, are obliged to request the details of a borrower from the CRO. If the loan has been granted, the lender will report this to the CRO. He must also report any payment arrears to the CRO. These data are only removed from the central register when the lender instructs the CRO to do so. Finished credits will remain visible in the CRO database for another five years. You have the right to view your own data, the 'right of access'. You can request your information from any bank in Massachusetts, even if you are not a customer here. If you want to inspect your data, you will have to identify yourself personally, so it is not possible for other people to inspect it. Requesting your data from a bank works as follows:

  • Every bank in Massachusetts has the consumer brochure "What can CRO do for me?" An application form is attached to this brochure with which you can request your data. You fill in this application form.
  • You hand over the completed form to the bank employee and identify yourself with a valid proof of identity.
  • You pay the employee $ 4.50. These are the costs for viewing.
  • The bank sends the completed application form to CRO. Normally you will receive the requested overview at the specified home address within five working days.