Credit competitor is a member of the NVF (Dutch Association of Financing Advisers). This means that we adhere to the Code of Conduct that we have agreed as members of this association. Below you can read what that means.

Code of Conduct

Article 1

An NVF member must ensure that the written messages and communications that he issues in the exercise of his profession or business operations contain his name.

Article 2

An NVF member performs his services to the best of his ability and to the best of his knowledge and belief, taking due care.

Article 3

In all his actions, an NVF member must be aware of the fact that he occupies his own place within the financing sector and performs a social function, while never losing sight of the fact that he is called to provide expert information.

Article 4

An NVF member is aware that his advisory and mediation activities towards the client contribute to weighty financial decisions and must not betray the client's trust placed in him.

Article 5

In the interest of the client, an NVF member gathers this information about his / her financial position, knowledge, experience, objectives and risk appetite, insofar as this is reasonably relevant to the service to be provided by the NVF member to the client.

Article 6

An NVF member refrains from giving advice, of which a reasonably competent and reasonably acting adviser should realize that this is not in the interest of the client.

Article 7

An NVF member gives priority to the interests of the client over his own.

Article 8

An NVF member ensures that information, advice and advertisements emanating from him are not incorrect or misleading.

Article 9

An NVF member informs the client of the risks associated with products and / or services and / or advice provided by him and records this in writing.

Article 10

An NVF member must be and remain an expert in the field in which he offers his services.

Article 11

An NVF member refrains from providing services and advice in areas where he has insufficient expertise and / or does not have a Wft permit for this.

Article 12

An NVF member is obliged to participate in and fully cooperate in a program that supports compliance with the Wft of a quality organization determined by the board and recognized by the Financial Services Foundation.

Article 13

An NVF member performs its services in accordance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations of authorized supervisors and observes the rules, regulations and decisions of the NVF. More specifically, an NVF member must comply with the regulations as stated in the Financial Supervision Act (Wft), which includes special rules and / or conditions with regard to:

a. advertisements;
b. professional liability insurance;
c. complaints procedure;
d. integrity;
e. quality / expertise;
f. recording advice;
g. permanent education;
h. provision of information;
i. commission transparency.

Article 14

14.1 If an NVF member charges the client for costs for its services, the NVF member will provide information in advance in a well-arranged manner with regard to the costs of its services as well as the way in which those costs are calculated and only charge these costs after the client has agreed to this in writing.

14.2 When determining any invoice to the client, an NVF member should charge a reasonable amount, taking all circumstances into account.

Article 15

If an NVF member advises and / or mediates in credit protection insurance to cover the risks arising for the client from the recommended consumer credit, the NVF member will either be rewarded in the form of commission by the provider with regard to these credit protection insurance policies or his charge costs arising from the inventory, advice, mediation and management of these credit protection insurance policies directly to the client, in accordance with the provisions of Article 14 of this code of conduct. An NVF member is not permitted to be rewarded for these products by both the provider and the client.

Article 16

An NVF member will keep details of and information about a client confidential, insofar as confidential in nature, unless an NVF member is not bound by confidentiality by law, a court decision or a decision of a competent disciplinary committee. This confidentiality obligation does not apply to data from and information about the client in a dispute between the NVF member and the client in question under consideration by a court, arbitration or binding advisory body, or a disciplinary committee.

Article 17

An NVF member does not express himself unnecessarily and / or solely for the sake of self-interest in a negative sense about a fellow NVF member or a service provided by him. An NVF member will also refrain from any action or conduct that directly or indirectly harms or could damage his expertise and / or the reputation and / or the reputation of the NVF and / or its members.

Article 18

An NVF member is obliged to notify the lender of all circumstances known to him that may be important for the assessment of a credit application. In particular those circumstances of which the NVF member may reasonably assume that the credit would not have been granted or would not have been granted under the same conditions, if they were known to the lender.

Article 19

19.1 An NVF member must refrain from tied sales that impede the client's freedom of choice. Tying occurs when a client is or is forced to make use of a particular financial service provider, because otherwise, for example, he cannot obtain or retain or enter into or continue another item, service or agreement under the same conditions.

19.2 If the person for whom a credit is applied for, commits to entering into another agreement when establishing a credit transaction, an NVF member is obliged to describe the conditions under which the credit agreement can be concluded, including (a) any required side agreement (s), in which latter case he must explicitly point out to the borrower that he has the right to determine with which other party the side agreement (s) will be entered into.

19.3 The NVF member will advise his clients of the ancillary agreements as referred to in Article 19.2 in a responsible and careful manner, in accordance with the Wft.

Article 20

If a client complains to an NVF member about a course of action followed, the NVF member is obliged to draw the attention of the complainant to the possibility of reporting this complaint to the NVF within a period of thirty days. The NVF member undertakes to make every effort to find a solution together with the complainant. In the unlikely event that this does not work, the NVF will, at the request of the complainant, still attempt a mediation before following the complaints procedure.

Article 21

An NVF member will supervise and be held responsible for the behavior of his employees so that they do not act in conflict with this code of conduct and other provisions of the articles of association and the internal regulations of the association.

Article 22

An NVF member declares that he will strictly comply with this code of conduct signed by him in the performance of his duties.

Article 23

An NVF member declares by signing this code of conduct that

a. he has been provided with the articles of association and the internal regulations;
b. he meets all the conditions as included in the articles of association and the internal regulations;
c. he will strictly comply with all obligations as stated in the articles of association and the internal regulations.

Article 24

The sanction options as described in chapter 10 of the internal regulations apply to this code of conduct.

For more information about the NVF, please refer to the website http://www.nvf.nl