Persoonlijke lening via execution only

Personal loan through execution only

Research by Nibud shows that more and more people take out their personal loan via 'execution only'. We would like to tell you more about borrowing money based on execution only below.

What is execution only?

When you take out a personal loan via the execution only principle, this means that you take out the personal loan with a party that only mediates and does not advise. For example, if you have sufficient prior knowledge about the personal loan, because you have read properly or have been to an information about personal loans, you may not have the need to pay extra to receive tailor-made advice about personal loans . This is common practice for many customers who take out a financial product. And according to Nibud , the number of customers doing this will only grow in the future.

Nibud results

Nibud is an independent foundation and information institute that informs and advises on household finances, such as pocket money, pension, debts and benefits. Preventing money problems is always the goal. Recently, an investigation was published by Nibud about the personal loan. For 2 years, 850 consumers who had taken out a personal loan through an intermediary participated in the survey. The survey also revealed results regarding execution only and a personal loan.

Of all 850 consumers, 59% took out the personal loan through execution only. Moreover, these borrowers are generally more satisfied with their loan. The two most important factors for determining with which intermediary they wanted to take out their personal loan were the speed with which everything is arranged (59%) and the level of the interest (58%). In addition, transparency (31%), reliability (23%) and the possibility of penalty-free repayments (46%) were important factors.

What is also striking is that the consumers who took out their personal loan via execution only found it more important that the intermediary made them feel good (47%) than the people who took out the loan via advice (38%). No less than 82% of consumers compared multiple loans and lenders before making a choice for a personal loan. The way in which information is presented by the intermediary also has a major influence on the choices and decisions of consumers.

Credit competitor

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