Borrow money with low interest

Geld lenen met lage rente

Borrow money with low interest

Did you know that borrowing money has become slightly cheaper again in the past month? You can now borrow money again at a low rate of only 4%. The Onebank has lowered its interest rate further over the past week. That is good news if you are looking for an affordable loan. Or if you were just thinking about transferring your overpriced loan cheaply. Refinancing your loan can now also give you extra benefits. Request your credit quote free of charge and without obligation. We will let you know what the options are within a few hours.

Interest rate battle rages on

There has actually been a fierce battle for the lowest interest rates between different banks for years. For the banks that work through intermediaries, Onebank now has a slight advantage over Shineloan again. At Shineloan , the lowest interest rate is still 4.1%. Borrowing money with low interest can save you a lot. And as long as the banks compete with each other for the lowest interest, you can of course benefit from this.

Transfer now? Or wait a while?

Whether it is advantageous to close or wait for the interest rate to drop further seems a difficult choice, of course. Much depends on the interest you are paying now. What type of credit you now have, and what the remaining term of your loan is. Nevertheless, it is generally fair to say that a loan with a low interest rate is in many cases a lot cheaper.
Especially if you wish to transfer your mail order credit or loan with one of the major banks, Loanin, Rarebank or LPN. These banks usually have a much higher interest rate than the loans that Credit Competitor can offer you.

Borrow money with low interest? It is possible at Credit Competitor

Would you like to know what credit competitor can do for you? Apply for affordable financing immediately, free of charge and without obligation. We will then ensure that the best possible quote is emailed to you!