Mobiele telefoonabonnement is ook een lening

Borrowing money : A “free phone” with a mobile phone subscription is also a form of borrowing money.
Advertisers who try to sell these free phones to you will soon also have to mention: "Be aware, borrowing money costs money" with these offers.
For phones starting at $ 250, the rules will also apply, as is the case with all deferred payments.

What has changed in the mobile phone subscription?

There are a number of things that can change. If you buy a telephone in installments of more than $ 250, the provider is obliged to do an income test. In addition, this loan will also be registered with the CRO. If your income is insufficient, you will not be able to take out a subscription in this way. In addition, it must also be mentioned that borrowing money also costs money. This makes it increasingly clear that a mobile phone subscription with a mobile phone is also a loan.

What are the advantages

The main advantage of this arrangement is that you cannot enter into contracts that you actually couldn't afford. Certainly for students and young people it will be much more difficult to purchase an expensive telephone. Due to the new scheme (or rather, the maintenance of the old scheme), there is a good chance that fewer people will come to their telephone provider with payment problems.

What are the risks?

First, it will be more difficult to get a cell phone over $ 250 on installment. Whether this is a risk, by the way, remains to be seen. If you do get this phone and this subscription. Then an income test has been done for you, and it should be responsible to provide this subscription. The chance that you can continue to pay for your subscription is greater with this test. And so there is a smaller risk.
There is another drawback. In the unlikely event that it is not possible to pay this on time, you will not only have problems with the provider. You can also get a negative registration with the CRO. This negative registration can ensure that it can become much more difficult to take out a loan.