Borrowing cheaper money again

Weer goedkoper geld lenen

Borrowing cheaper money again

Borrowing money will be slightly cheaper again from 1 February. From this date you can take out a revolving credit with an interest of 4.4% from a credit amount of $ 25,000.
The interest is also lowered for lower amounts. Shineloan thus competes even more with the other lenders.

What should you do to borrow money cheaper?

You do not have to do much to see whether you can borrow money cheaper. You can call us between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Or you can fill in our digital application form. We will immediately process your application and then immediately see whether borrowing money cheaper is also possible for you. This process only takes a few hours, even if we have no options for you, we will of course let you know immediately.

No additional costs for borrowing money

If you take out a loan through Credit Competitor, you do not pay any additional costs for a loan. We will arrange the transfer of your loan completely for you. All we need for this is the last balance statement of the loan you wish to repay. And a cancellation letter, so that this loan can also be deregistered from the CRO. The redemption will be made for you. It is therefore not necessary to transfer amounts.
The information we provide about borrowing money is always “free”. We are remunerated by the banks in the form of a continuous commission. This is different if we also mediate a payment protector for you. A payment protector is a Net product. This may sound strange, but it means that it is a product that does not contain any commission. You pay the net premium directly to the insurer. This is why these premiums are incredibly low. An involuntary unemployment insurance or a disability insurance only costs a few dollars. If we mediate these products for you, if you really take them out through us, you will be charged one-off costs. These costs are $ 49 if you are single and 98 if you both want life insurance. This is always reflected in our assignment to provide services.