Kunt u meer of minder lenen in 2016

Borrow money : Can you borrow more or less in 2016? A question that keeps consumers busy. However, the answer to this question is not easy to give. There are some contradictory data that affect your maximum borrowing capacity.
<2> Can you borrow more or less in 2016? The loan standards.

As every year, the loan standards were raised again in 2016. You must therefore take into account that with regard to this standard, no will be indicated more often if you wish to take out a loan. The increase in the loan standards means that the bank will reject your loan sooner.
Fortunately, there is also something in return.

Net salary higher in most cases

In addition to the increase in the loan standards, we can also indicate something positive. This relates to your net monthly salary. Because less tax will be levied on labor, you will be left with more net. Incidentally, this mainly applies to incomes to average. This group is by far the most improving.

Can you borrow more or less in 2016? Cannot be stated unambiguously.

Unfortunately, we cannot indicate whether borrowing money will become more difficult or easier in 2016. It depends too much on your personal situation. If you have a high income, your income will increase much less quickly than with a low income. This makes it difficult to make a statement that is correct for everyone.
You only know for sure what the options are for you if you actually apply for a loan. Credit competitor can then immediately assess the possibilities for you. During office hours you will often receive a response with the possibilities within a few hours. Even if a loan is not possible, we will let you know as soon as possible.