DSB Loan transfer

DSB Lening oversluiten

Borrow money : Do you have a DSB loan? And have you now received compensation for the overpriced insurance policies that were sold to you in the past? Then it may be a good time to transfer the credit now. Refinancing your DSB loan can save you a lot of money. The interest rates on DSB loans have been very low in the distant past. However, the bank has increased the interest on the loans (sharply) in recent years.
It is now the case that most loans, including personal loans, can be repaid at the DSB without penalty. This obviously applies to revolving credit in any case. With the personal loans, this is in any case if at least 3/5 of the term of your personal loan has passed. Transferring your DSB loan can be the start of borrowing money cheaply .

Transfer your DSB loan with AshLenderchiro

If you want to transfer your DSB loan, you can easily apply for your loan with us. If you complete the application form in full, we will process your application as soon as possible. This will take a maximum of 1 hour on working days. We then immediately submit the application to the bank. As soon as we receive a response from the bank, we will pass this on to you immediately. We can then indicate what your DSB loan will yield you.

Want to save on your DSB loan?

Saving on your DSB loan can be easy. In addition, it has another advantage. There are still more than 3,000,000,000 loans outstanding at the DSB. A small part of this is a revolving credit . This revolving credit normally has the flexibility that you can make extra repayments without penalty, and that you can make withdrawals from your credit. Unfortunately, the latter is no longer possible with DSB loans. The revolving credits are blocked for withdrawal. If you transfer your DSB loan, you immediately have the option to also withdraw money from your loan. A nice additional advantage with your DSB Loan.