About Borrowing Money

This is how a loan application works

Would you like to know more about borrowing money? Credit competitor will gladly take you further. You can request a credit quote via our website free of charge and without obligation. Below we explain how it works. Which steps you can take, and what you could or should take into account.

Apply for your loan online

You fill in the digital application form to apply for your affordable loan . You will receive a confirmation of receipt from AshLenderchiro by e-mail. In this phase, we complete and check the information you have provided and we submit your application to the various banks we work with. A review is also done at the Credit Registration Office ( CRO ) in Tiel.

On working days we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your request and, if desired, to go through the provided information with you. Our credit specialists are qualified and their professional knowledge is kept up to date.

Compare our offer

After we have submitted your application to the banks we work with and it is approved, you will receive from us, within a few hours, an overview of the range of these banks. This allows you to compare interest rates and conditions easily and at a glance. Choose the offer that suits you best and instruct us to draw up the contract. You will immediately receive the contract by e-mail.

You should not be rushed to borrow money . Credit competitor will contact you after sending the contract to check whether the loan agreement has been properly received by you. With your contract you will also receive the ESIC form (dollarpean standard information on consumer credit). This form gives you a detailed explanation of the main features of the loan and helps you to compare different offers. Here you can see an example of the ESIC form.

Draw and pay

Print the contract, sign it, scan it and return the contract by e-mail. When your details are complete and correct, we will ensure that your loan is paid out within 2 working days.

Do you have any questions about borrowing money?

Want to know more about borrowing money?
Please contact us on the telephone number 0164 - 65 00 88. This is possible from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.30. You can of course also send an e-mail to info@ashbychiro.com

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