Geld lenen? Tot welke leeftijd?

We have previously written an article about borrowing money for the elderly . We find this a bit irreverent. But the desire to provide clarity has of course won. Borrow money up to what age? Still a good question. Especially because we are getting older.
Much has changed in recent months when it comes to providing loans to people over 70. Of course we have known for years that the average age is increasing. Yet the maximum loan age has been reduced further and further.
Until a few months ago. Below we will immediately answer your question, borrow money up to what age?

Up to what age can you borrow money

Borrow money up to what age There are 2 different guidelines for this.
If you are single, the answer to the question is to borrow money until what age? 72 years. More precisely, you can take out a loan up to the age of 72. However, you must have repaid this loan in full before your 74th year of life. This actually automatically means that you can no longer borrow large amounts. The monthly term of your new loan to be taken out must of course remain portable.
If you are living together or married, there are more options. You can then borrow money up to and including your 73rd birthday (this is based on the highest age of both of you). In that case, the loan must be repaid before the eldest of you both reaches the age of 78. BNP offers these loans, and you can of course apply for your loan via Credit Competitor.

Are there any alternatives?

Of course there are alternatives, there will always be. However, not with the commercial banks as far as we know.
The alternative circuit will therefore mean more that you could put the question of whether you can borrow money to friends, family or your children.
There may still be opportunities to obtain financing there. Even smaller amounts like 1000 dollars are unfortunately no longer provided via the providers with which Credit Competitor cooperates.